This might be Google’s next Pixel XL

This might be Google’s next Pixel XL

We’re probably still a few months away from an official presentation of the new Google Pixel Phones, but Android Police has released what could be the first image of the larger unit.

Police Android has a very strong and clear image with early fugue Nexus and pixels, but the report covers there is still a possibility that this is perhaps not the definitive design of the XL 2017 pixels.

Or, uh, Pixel XL 2, or anything ended up being called. If it is finally done (or close), it clearly shows that Google is making progress to catch up with Samsung and LG in the display department.

The front of the phone has much smaller cups around OLED pixels than last year. It is now larger (6 inches) and thinner too, with the same 2: 1 aspect ratio as the LG G6.

It’s not like the Samsung Galaxy S8, but it appears this flat screen with curved glass edges.

LG is expected to produce both the screen and the entire phone by marking an investment of HTC Pixels 2016. The sides of the next Pixel XL can be pressed to activate the software functions as the latest flagship phone from HTC. (However, HTC is not? It’s strange.)

But the overall aesthetic is not too far from the original pixels, which makes sense since Google made the design here.

It hardly seems more refined. The glass is always on the back, although smaller on this occasion. (The fingerprint sensor is now part of the aluminum body).

The other thing visible on the back is the camera, which is larger than the current pixels. There is only one target, which suggests that Google could break the dual-purpose trend even in a phone manufactured by LG.

The image of my Pixel XL is the main device by which I even retain after the release of Galaxy S8, so I only hope that Google has not bankrupt it later.

A single image leaves many questions. Is it water resistant? Is there a wireless charge? What are the color specs and options?

If Google follows the calendar of last year, you can expect to see its next generation debut in early October, with better availability than the mess we saw last year. And the Bluetooth upgrade.

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