Resolving Kashmir issue will take some time: Rajnath Singh

Resolving Kashmir issue will take some time: Rajnath Singh

Interior Minister Rajnath Singh said Saturday that the NDA government is working to find a permanent solution to the Kashmir issue in seventeen years, although this may take time. To eliminate Pakistan – terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir, Interior Minister Rajnath Singh today assured that the NES Government is working to find a permanent solution to the Kashmir seven decades although it may take time.
At a press conference on the achievements of his ministry at the end of the NDA’s three-year rule, Singh said the Center is open to negotiations and takes citizens and political parties in confidence to solve the Kashmir problem. “The solution to the Kashmir problem can be found sneaking in. Kashmir is an old problem, which has been taking place since 1947,” he said. Singh was responding to a question about his recent statement that the government is working on a permanent solution to the Kashmir problem.
“We work for a permanent solution, I said with great responsibility, after much reflection and deliberation, we have plans and we are working in that direction and we find a solid solution in the future. When asked whether the PTI “permanent solution” would be political or military, the Home Secretary has avoided a direct response, but said it would be a “complete and integrated solution.”
On the possibility of launching a dialogue with the Kashmiriens separatists, Singh said he advocates talks with all concerned since he held the post of Interior Minister there for three years. “From the outset, I say we are willing to discuss whoever goes to the talks, let’s talk.” We are open to discussions to find a solution to the Kashmir problem, all problems can only be resolved through dialogue, “he said.
The Interior Minister has accused Pakistan of sponsoring terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir, but stressed that the violence will not last long. “There is no doubt, without confusion that Pakistanis create terror in Kashmir, but it will ensure that terrorism is quickly wiped out Kashmir.

Singh said Pakistan sponsored terrorism in Kashmir for its vested interests. “Everything is Pakistan in Kashmir is a betrayal for the youth of the state,” he said, adding that “we will not let it succeed.”
“We do not want to see the stones in the hands of the Kashmiri youth. We want to remove any stones that may hinder their way to a brighter future,” the minister said. If asked if he supports a military commander who recently used a local youth as a “human shield” in Kashmir, the minister said that “the army is his work.”
When he recalled that the Minister of Urban Development, M Venkaiah Naidu, had supported Major Leetul Gogoi, who had tied a man to a jeep as a shield against stones, Singh said that “all Naidu said was correct.”

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