Gujarat government to ban Blue Whale Challenge game But Still You can Download the Apk file

Gujarat’s Prime Minister Vijay Rupani said today that his government is banning the online game Blue Whale Challenge, which would have prompted players to commit suicide.

“My Government instructed the Ministry of the Interior, as well as the Secretary General, to find ways to prohibit this game in the state.

“We have to stop this because people commit suicide because of this game,” he told reporters in Gandhinagar today.

He also said that, if necessary, the state government would issue an order banning gambling in Gujarat.

“We have asked officials to expedite the process to ban gambling and, if necessary, we can also issue an order prohibiting gambling. We are fully committed to banning gambling in Gujarat because we can not allow our children to commit suicide because of to this game, “he added.

The Blue Whale Challenge would be a suicide game in which players would receive certain tasks to accomplish over a period of 50 days and the final task leads them to commit suicide.
The player will also be invited to share photos after completing each challenge. The game cost several lives around the world.

Recently, a 30-year-old Palanpur man in the Banaskantha district said he was finishing his life as he reached the final stage of the Blue Whale challenge.

Before committing suicide by jumping into the Sabarmati River here on September 1, Palanpur resident Ashok Maluna posted a video on his Facebook account stating that he had downloaded Blue Whale Challenge and that suicide was the last step of this game.

However, the police said that Maluna ended his life under the depression due to cancer and not because of the game.

How to Download the blue whale apk file for free

Blue Whale 50 APK Challenge is an Android game that is played on Android phones by several people. This game is designed for suicidal purposes.

This game is distributed around the world and has been downloaded by many people in several countries. It is said that when people download the game and join the game, each person receives a task from the administrator and the administrator gives a daily task for 50 days by asking them to send photographic proof of each task.

In the initial phase, these tasks are simple, like waking up in strange moments, watching horror movies, but saying that performing these tasks to harass and harm the person. These tasks are initially easy to perform, but in the final final assignment and 50, they are asked to kill themselves.

Many people are threatened by the administrator that they can harm their family or friends because the administrator initially takes all the information from each village to continue the game. More than 130 people in the suicide of Russia in reason for resuming game Blue Whale APK Challenge Download.

Tips for students to get Rid of Blue Whale Challenge Game

Online friends do not last long.
Make sure your age is appropriate for an online business.
Do not have fun with people you do not know.
Use an unnamed email address.
Set strict privacy policies when configuring the online profile.
Share photos and videos with attention.
Be careful when downloading content online.

How to kill the killer

If you find that your child is playing the Blue Whale Challenge, stop using the Internet
Inform the police if the child is caught in the act
Make sure the child has access only to age-appropriate online sites
Make sure the computer is placed in a visible place in the house.
Interact with children often. Encourage ethical and secure behavior.
Control of all appliances used by children. Watch for online activities.
Be a role model for your child.
Talk to other parents and ask for their opinions
Stay up-to-date on the latest trends
Observe your child’s behavior carefully.
Consult school authorities or a child psychologist for any incident

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