Echo devices are Amazon Prime Day’s best sellers

Echo devices are Amazon Prime Day’s best sellers

 The decision to cancel their voice vote deep Amazon to Echo devices for the first day seems to be paying for the online retailer.

Although the first day is still ongoing this afternoon, Amazon has already sold more Echo devices as on the first day of last year, he said.

Specifically, it has sold more than twice the echo devices here in the US, compared to the first day of 2016 and more than three times worldwide.

Connoisseurs of the company, according to one source, say that echo devices are selling at a rate of “thousands per minute” at this time.

It seems likely that the first Dot echo will be sold, the source added, although there was no unexpected interest in all Alexa-based products.

In other words, while Google, Microsoft, Apple, and perhaps most also want to flood our homes with voice speakers, the first mover continues to offer its own tsunami buyers.

By comparison, Amazon Prime Day 2016 resulted in a 3-fold increase in Amazon device sales, including a 2.5-fold increase in sales in the US by its Echo speaker. It looks like we are on track to surpass this year’s gains.

The retailer does not announce the actual number of its own handset sales, but at least one estimate released earlier this year from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) suggests that more than 8 million US consumers now own an Amazon device Eco, which give an idea of ​​the size of the market.

The first intelligent speaker was launched in late 2014 by Prime members before it was generally available in June 2015. Assuming that the CIRP figure (8.2 million) is correct, it would have represented a 60% increase compared to the CIRP 5.1 million calculated in November.

Of course, the stock market today in Echo sales devices can not be sought to generate greater interest in the category of Amazon smart speakers.

It should also be noted that the first day of 2017 technically began earlier this year at 9 am, Monday night. In addition, the sales event has grown in 13 countries around the world this year, compared to 10 in 2016, which also translates into increased sales.

While U.K .. and Germany were both in line with the first day of last year, the eco still develop in these markets (it was not until September 2016): this is also reflected in a lump.

Prime Day was a surprise, even by Amazon selling standards, it seems. “The first day exceeded all expectations of the Amazon,” said the source. “They were surprised by the increase.”

Overall, Internet retailer Amazon estimates it will exceed $ 2 billion on Day Sales experience this year, a jump of 20 percent compared to the first day in 2016.

Our source is more optimistic and said he would not be surprised if sales, driven by strong interest in Alexa-based materials, increased by 40 percent.

Internet retail estimates include stock market traders. It also believes that more hours – 30 hours to sales compared to 24-24 hour sales – will be a major factor in the increase in sales of the Day of the premium.

It will not be surprising that devices echo the family do well the first day. The original eco, received a 50 percent drop in prices to $ 89.99, while it dropped Dot $ 15, leading to $ 34.99, with corresponding reductions in other markets where echo devices are sold.

Currently echo compatible with commands and provides information in American English and English, as well as German.

Other Amazon devices were doing so early in the work hours, said the retailer. The remaining US sellers include the Eco Dot and the new tablet with 7 Fire Alexa.

Currently, according to the Amazon section of sales success on its website, the black Dot Eco is now the best-selling electronic device in the United States, followed by Echo Echo white point and then white.

Fire different tablet, the Kindle Paperwhite and Fire Stick TV with remote control complete the top 10.

To help connect consumers to these deals that were most interested, Amazon has organized this year’s Sales Experience Day into various categories on their website.

As of this afternoon, Amazon said that its category of “tech fanatics” on the site was one of the most popular, with “Home” and “Cooks For Home”. In the tech fanatics section, Amazon strongly promotes its own computer, including echo devices, fire tablets, Kindle e-readers, as well as packages such as Echo Dot /

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