Deal: Samsung DeX Station For $94.72 (37% Off) – 7/12/17

Deal: Samsung DeX Station For $94.72 (37% Off) – 7/12/17

The Samsung Desktop Experience (DEX) complex is currently available for purchase at Amazon for $ 94.72 or 37% less than its original price of $ 149.99.

The offer saves you $ 55.27 on a new version of the latest Samsung phone accessory with a one year warranty.

For sale at, this particular model is the American variant of the device and is compatible with Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8 Plus.

Originally introduced this spring coupled with the latest pair of Samsung Android logo, the DEX station is supposed to be the most complete phone solution to date.

The home equipment manufacturer in South Korea (OEM) said earlier that it is targeting accessory for people who already have a desktop or laptop computer, but are to perform most of their tasks compute on their smartphones, the station Of DEX allowing them to expand the capabilities of their mobile phones while bending like a traditional smartphone dock that can charge and cool their computers.

The product is equipped with two Type A USB 2.0 ports, USB Type C location and a traditional LAN LAN port, as well as being capable of HDMI output.

When not in use, the DEX station can be folded into a relatively compact disc, making it extremely portable and convenient accessory for travel.

The long-awaited Galaxy Note 8, which is due to be released in late summer, is also widely compatible with this accessory manufactured by Samsung, while the company continues its headquarters in Seoul to promote its PC telephony solution, then even if You are anticipating replacing your Galaxy S8 Galaxy S8 or more in the near future, this accessory can still serve once you receive your next largest flagship phone in the world.

There is still no word on how long this particular case, but consumers will probably do well in making their purchase decision sooner rather than later.

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