Chinese space telescope to observe Milky Way pulsars, may uncover energy source

Chinese space telescope to observe Milky Way pulsars, may uncover energy source

China plans to launch a space telescope to unravel the mystery of pulsars in our galaxy the Milky Way, according to scientists. A pulsar is a highly magnetized rotating neutron star that emits two rays of electromagnetic radiation that can be observed only when the points of beams transmit towards Earth.
To date, scientists have discovered more than 2,000 pulsars. The Milky Way is believed to have about 100 million of them. “We are still not clear inside the pulsars,” said Zhang Shuangnan, Senior Scientific Telescope HD Modulation (HXMT).
“The current physical laws can not adequately describe the substance in the state of a pulsar, because no laboratory on Earth can not create a density as high as a pulsar, so we have to make more comments about the pulsars,” said Zhang, director Key Laboratory Particle Astrophysics of the Academy of Sciences.
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A pulsar is so strange that when the first one was discovered in 1967, it was mistaken for extraterrestrial signals, “said Xinhua, a neutron star, which is the collapsed nucleus of a large star.These are considered the most accurate astronomical clock in the universe .
Scientists believe they can use pulsars as “lights” to aid navigation for interplanetary or future interstellar travel. According to Lu Fangjun, head of HXMT payload design, long-term monitoring of the pulsars could help unravel the mystery of their energy sources.

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