Army Gets Special Powers To Buy Ammo, Spares In Emergency Situations

Army Gets Special Powers To Buy Ammo, Spares In Emergency Situations

In a major decision, the government has authorized the military will have to directly purchase critical military weapon systems and platforms to maintain preparedness for combat “short wars” short, a senior official Wednesday government said.

The measure, intended to fill the “gaps” in the preparation of the Army’s struggle, is in the midst of a nearly one-month conflict between the armies of India and China in the Dokalam region and increased Indo-Pak tension Along the control line in Jammu and Kashmir.

According to the government’s decision, the deputy chief of the army has received ‘complete’ financial authorities to buy ammunition and spare parts for 10 types of weapons systems and equipment after an internal review found that the optimal level of “stores Of war “was not maintained Being the official, who has said knowledge of the development.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to speak to the media.

The official said that the financial power acquired, depending on the financial assistance available to buy the full range of the weapons system can be translated into Rs. 40 billion rupees.

“The decision is mainly intended to fill the gaps for short intense wars,” the official said, adding “gaps” in the preparation for combat, were found during an internal review after the terrorist attack in September last Uri.

According to the decision, the deputy army chief also authorized a regular basis to examine the optimal state of maintenance and maintain on a recurring basis.

The official said the procedure will be part of the army’s income for the provision of equipment and weapons at work and will not go through many stages of supply which often lead to irregular delays.

Under the decision, the Army has been authorized to provide 46 types of ammunition and spare parts for 10 different types of weapon systems.

Another proposal to allow the military to obtain 20 types of weapons and 6 types of mines is also under consideration.

The army urged the government to ensure timely delivery of key military platforms by citing ever-evolving security challenges.

“This is an important move to fill several gaps in our preparations for combat,” said a senior army official.

In April, major army commanders had taken the brains in the current scenario of security and external threats facing the country and decided to improve the effectiveness of the fight against the army.

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