Apple Announces China Data Center Will Comply With New Cybersecurity Law

Apple Announces China Data Center Will Comply With New Cybersecurity Law

Apple announced that it is launching its first data center in China in partnership with a local Internet services company in accordance with the country’s new cyber security laws introduced last month.

Apple told Reuters on Friday that the data center would be built in southern Guizhou Province with the Guizhou Data Cloud Business Data Industry (GCBD) business as part of an expected investment of $ 1 trillion in the province.

“The addition of this data center will enable us to improve the speed and reliability of our products and services in accordance with recently adopted standards,” Apple said in a statement.

“These regulations require that services in the cloud are operated by Chinese companies, so they offer to partner with GCBD iCloud,” said he was referring to its online data storage service.

According to Reuters, Apple is the first foreign technology company to announce changes to its data storage systems in China after a new cyber security law has been launched in June, forcing foreign companies to store in the country.

Other technology companies with data centers in China include Microsoft and Amazon, which must also comply with the new standards.

Business groups abroad have criticized the strict requirements for monitoring and storing law data, which they believe is too vague and places them on excessive corporate risk compliance, threatening property data.

Officials say the law is not designed to put foreign companies at a disadvantage and was introduced in response to the threat of cyber attacks and terrorism.

Apple assured reporters that he had strong protection of privacy and security in place. “No backroom will be created in any of our systems,” a company spokesman said.

Earlier this week, Apple announced that it was building a second data center in Denmark that ran full of renewable energy.

The company said a data center planned in Athenry, Ireland, announced in 2015, has not yet begun construction and awaits judicial review.

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