2017 MLB All-Star Game: 13 things to know about the AL’s extra innings win

2017 MLB All-Star Game: 13 things to know about the AL’s extra innings win

MIAMI – It took me a bit longer than expected, but the American League has once again claimed the superiority of the league with a game win of the stars.

Tuesday night at Marlins Park, the NL defeated T (2 AL, NL 1) in 10 innings in the 88th Annual All Star Game. This was the first star of the game to go to extra tickets from 2008 and 11 to go for extra tickets in general. The AL has now won the last five star games.

Before the start of the All-Star game, Latin American baseball legends were honored at a ceremony in the field.

Members Roberto Alomar, Luis Aparicio, Rod Carew, Orlando Cepeda, Juan Marichal, Pedro Martinez, Tony Perez and Ivan Rodriguez were all present – Rodriguez, who was part of the 2003 World Series champion Marlins, received a standing ovation – and late Of the Hall of Fame Robert Clemente was represented by his wife Vera Clemente.

Max Scherzer, the starting pitcher for NL is a different animal. He is an intense competitor, even in a weak game and essentially meaningless like the game of Stars. He let out loud grunts as he entered work. Listen to that:

Grunting Scherzer was in the repertoire for years, so what we’ve seen on Star Game course was not new. The strategically placed field mics have brought us closer than ever grunts.

Red Sox Chris ac Sales hit two on two job tickets, and among its 28 sites was a straight 99.8-mile / h Trackman.

It is the fastest launch that the sale has launched in any game, already in 2010, when it reached 100.1 mph with a fastball. The sale was a relief this year. Here are the fastest cuts per season:

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